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Thank you for visiting and welcome to the website of Real Steel Co., Ltd.

Real Steel has undergone continuous growth by playing a role in supply of steel and iron products, which is a national infrastructural industry, since incorporation in 2012.Real Steel was transferred to the newly constructed factor in Hwaseong in 2015 which is equipped with the latest facilities in order to supply various steel and iron products that fulfill the requirements of our customers through cooperation with the largest steel and iron manufacturers in Korea such as POSCO and Hyundai Steel, as well as prominent steel and iron groups in China under our customer-oriented management philosophy.In the era of unlimited competition in the 21st century, Real Steel shall further fortify our partnership with internationally renowned steel and iron manufacturers and lead the future of competitive distribution of steel and iron on the basis of manufacturing of highly value-added steel and iron materials through research and development, establishment of informatization of distribution system and unlimited service spirits for the customers. Moreover, we shall put our utmost efforts not only in strengthening our sales capabilities in the existing business divisions but also in linkage with environment-friendly industry and information technology industry in order to cope with rapidly changing external environment with perpetually open-minded attitude.

Hyun, Dong Gyu,Representative Director